Representation of Teenagers

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Representation of teenagers in television drama Television drama portrays scenarios of different events occurring in people’s lives. This essay focuses on teenager’s drama. Teenagers are represented in television drama by different stereotypes, mostly negative and some positive. The focus of this essay is to reveal how teenagers are represented as facing peer pressure, having family conflicts, making bad choices/breaking the rules and looking for popularity. These ideas are conveyed through narrative conventions, technical, audio, written and symbolic codes which are depicted in the following three dramas: LOL, Degrassi: The next generation and The OC. The theme of peer pressure is a common problem presented in teenager’s drama. Keely, Toby, and Terri in the three dramas all face this issue through being influenced by others, they want to belong. This is represented in their characterisation, dialogue and stereotypes. For example: Keely tries to fit in, her friend Jaz encourages her to join parties, she is uncomfortable and doesn’t know whether she should be involved. A extreme close-up of her facial expressions shows this confusion. Her characterisation is being self-critical, she is not into bad things, but she went along with it. Another example is Toby, he wants to be noticed and popular, just like Shaun who is popular as a sports star. When Toby became a wrestling team member, the dialogue between him and his sister or his friend shows his attitude changing, thinking he has became cool enough to disrespect his elder sister and friend. Moving on to Terri who does modelling, she is stereotyped as a plus-size model. She is not confident of herself, because she gets negative comments on her body image. But still her friends support her encouraging her to continue her modelling to become successful. Teenagers are represented in television drama as
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