Representation of the Blamires case study,

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my thoughts; from the way that we worked together as a group, in the rehearsal of the representation, was in fact a bit loose. There were four in our group which we thought was going to be a bit easier said than done. Two of which, were not able to give an opinion: Maybe, they needed more time in this early stage, from just receiving this documentation. Then this left two of us, which had two very different ideas: why this child was in the situation, which he was in, and what the outcome could bring to resolve this matter. I myself felt able to recognize a pattern of facts that stood out, from the little information I received: to be a cry for help. Then of course the other person had a separate opinion altogether. Regardless to our differences, we were able to go home and reflect on what was spoken and the documentation that was received. Within this exercise we came across a few problems: one being the fact, other course work was put in front of the exercise in hand. The outcome was relatively good. I prepared my part in this exercise and felt really confidence about approaching this, but also felt the need to exercise with my group who was going to say what, and also if we had an agreement of conjoining our differences, which we had came across earlier in order to successfully perform a unity in our representation. I felt, we were not able to get around this problem. I felt really let down, in the time that we had, we should have been able to resolve this matter between us. I was so frustrated by this. Then made myself useful to other groups, by listening to what ideas they had, and then I gave them my views of opinion. I found this to be more of a challenge; than sitting around waiting for them to start. But this group was not coming together, as I wished. I had plenty of time, to prepare and reflect on what little information we had. We had a little

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