Reports on the Salem Witch Craft Trials

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It is the1962, and the day is filled with tension lingering in the atmosphere. A circle of young girls, known as "the circle girls" seemed to have caused a start in the Salem witch trials with their accusations. During the winter, the girls began to have meetings in the home of Samuel Parris, the Puritan pastor of Salem Village. Nine year old Betty and her eleven year old cousin Abigail seemed to be fascinated by the hvoodoo tales and tricks that a slave named, Tituba, would tell. Soon they began to invite more friends, which included Ann Putnam, who was in some way the leader of the circle. One of their tricks was to drop an egg white into a glass filled with water and see what shape it transformed into. During the game, Ann saw the egg transform into a coffin. Soon after their trick, Ann, Betty, and Abigail started to behave strangely. They would complain of physical pains, uncontrollable trembling, babbling and loss of thought. These afflictions were mainly thought to have been the work of the Devil. They were diagnosed as the victims of a witchcraft practice done by Tituba and two village women. John Hathorne, and Jonathan Corwin, assistants of the Massachusetts general court were called to conduct and examination on the woman. The physical appearance of the woman concluded the examination and marked them as witches, due to physical signs left by the devil such as a "wart." Ann, and her parents accused many more townspeople, typically those who were enemies of the family. The accusation sent fear to the people as villagers believed that anyone could be a witch. By the time Ann's witch hunt was over, she had accused 62 people . Tituba denied to have practiced any witchcraft and was beated by Parris to confess as he would promise her freedom. During the examination, Tituba confessed and was just put in prison. The tragedy in Salem has
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