Reports of Abuse Essay

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IDENTIFY TWO REPORTS ON SERIOUS FAILURES TO PROTECT INDIVIDUALS FROM ABUSE. People say it never happens? Abuse can happen anytime, anyplace and anywhere, to vulnerable people, Children, elderly people, people with disabilities, people with learning difficulties. It can even happen in places people should be safe, hospitals, residential/ nursing homes, schools, day care, nurseries, centres etc. I researched two reported cases for abuse. The Winterbourne case which was nationally reported, and a local abuse case at Shouldham Hall Nursing Home.. The Winterbourne case involved physical and emotional abuse. In the Shouldham case the inspectors found that the care home failed to protect the safety and welfare of the service users. The Winterbourne case was reported nationally because of the mistreatment of vulnerable service users, 11 members of staff were caught on cctv after visitors and patients complained. The evidence that was captured showed abuse such as, slapping, pulling of their hair, poking eyes, even trapping them under chairs which is unbelievable, soaking residents in freezing cold water. It showed emotional and verbal abuse name calling to the service users. This was an inhumane mistreatment of vulnerable service users unable to defend themselves. Winterbourne appears to have made decisions based on profits and returns, over and above decisions about the effective and humane delivery of assessments and treatments. Where were all the staff who should have been reporting these crimes of the service users to management , if they were not listening then they should have been reported to the authorities such as social services and CQC this is why they are there. The staff who didn`t abuse service users but did fail to report the incidents are just responsible as they were employed to keep them safe, happy and protect them from people like that. In the

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