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Reporting Practices and Ethics Paper

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Communication and Crisis Paper

                                                                Tremeise Lane-Jackson


            May 22, 2013
            Pukar Ratti

Communication and Crisis

      The effective communication and preparedness are critical in emergencies and crisis situations. Communication is a necessity to society’s existence and ability to accomplish every day task depends on what the situation is. However, the effective communication could be the key issue of the organizations. The survival of an organization depends on its ability to handle appropriately crisis situations.   This paper will discuss the emergency plans for a crisis or a disaster situation. It will identify the individuals who will be communicating inside the organization, outside the organization, and with the public.   The key areas that will be addressed are potential advantages and challenges associated with selected communication methods, the differences in communicating during crisis situations, selecting appropriate technology and discussing how these technologies may use to communication.   Additional areas include lecturing how technology may be used differently then it were during past crisis situations, and identifying appropriate media opportunities for this management crisis.
      Crisis situation are emergent situations requiring immediate response, therefore an organization must have an emergency plan for survival.   A crisis is defined as; a significant business disruption that stimulates extensive news media coverage.   The resulting public analysis the effect of the organization’s normal operations and could have a political, legal, financial, and governmental on it business” (Molter, Puff, 2005).   Preparation is the key to survival.
            An emergency plan should be well developed and thorough.   The emergency plan should address why they plan, what to plan for, who to plan with, when to plan, and where to plan?...

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