Report on the Health of the People Living in Manchester in 1830

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REPORT ON THE HEALTH OF THE PEOPLE LIVING IN MANCHESTER IN 1830 The Manchester Medical Foundation has committed itself to providing valuable information to improve the quality of life for our community through public education. The purpose of this doctor’s report is to provide precisely that kind of information. I am Doctor Pattinson. I have been asked to report on the health of the people in Manchester. After weeks of tests and studying day to day lives of working class people in Manchester I made shocking discoveries and have found that many people live in horrendous living conditions, which create terrible health problems and disease. The combination of the dark damp courtyards in back to back housing and the broken and badly fitted windows mean that chest infections often lung infections. This can be diphtheria, pneumonia and tuberculosis. The symptoms are; serious throat infection (the throat swells up so you cannot swallow), fever, weight loss, chest pains, shortness of breath and sufferers cough up blood. These diseases can be cured with a good diet and warm, clean dry housing. Dirty drinking water is another major problem. Diseases such as cholera are caused by unclean or contaminated water. Symptoms can be; vomiting, fever and diarrhoea. As the diarrhoea becomes worse the victim can keep no food or water in his or her body. They will dehydrate and die within 2 days if they are left untreated. Cholera can be cured by the patient drinking a salt solution to get rid of stagnant water etc. These conditions also cause dysentery and typhoid fever. Both of these diseases affect people badly by causing; internal bleeding in the abdomen which can be fatal, as well as headaches, stomach cramps and constipation followed by severe diarrhoea. These diseases can be treated by simply drinking fluids and CLEAN water. Finally, lice are widespread in these

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