Report of Piping System and Pump Selection

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ACKNOWLEDGEMENT This report is a result of design analytical on pump and piping system of a fish pond water delivery to a holding tank. A very special thanks goes to our helpful lecturer Pn. Nor Merlisa Ali for assisting us throughout the report. The lectures and support that she gave truly helped the progression and smoothness of the report. Also thank you to the member for giving full cooperation in this report. Infinitely, we most graciously would like to thank Allah for blessing us and guided us all throughout our lives. May Allah always bless our prophet Sayyidina Muhammad s.a.w. and may this report bring benefits to others. 1.0 OBJECTIVES From this assignment the objectives interpreted are: * To determine the suitable pipe diameter of this system. * To decide the pump size to be used * To specify the required brake horsepower 2.0 THEORY 2.1 STEADY FLOW Steady and uniform are frequently used words in engineering, and thus to find their clear and understandable meanings are very important. The term steady basically means “no change of properties, velocity, temperature, etc., at a point with time”. The term uniform implies “no change with location” over a specified region. These meanings are relatively consistent with their everyday use. It is both possible and useful to classify the type of flow into small number of groups. Taking a river as an example, if we look at a fluid flowing under normal circumstances the conditions at one point will vary from those at another point, a different velocity for an example, we have a non-uniform flow. If the conditions at one point vary as time passes then we have unsteady flow. Under some circumstances the flow will not be as changeable as this. Devices such as turbines, pumps, compressors, boilers, condensers, and heat exchangers operate for long periods of time under the same

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