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THE TITANS CRONUS * The ruling Titan who came to power by castrating his Father Uranus. * His wife was Rhea. OCEANUS *The unending stream of water encircling the world. *Produced the rivers and the three thousand ocean nymphs. Tethys *The wife of Oceanus. *Together they produced the rivers and the three thousand ocean nymphs. Hyperion *The Titan of light, an early sun god. *He is the son of Gaea and Uranus. *He married his sister Theia. Their children: *Helius (the sun) *Selene (the moon) *Eos (the dawn) Mnemosyne *The Titan of memory and the mother of Muses. Themis *The Titan of justice and order. *She was the mother of the Fates and the Seasons. Atlas *The son of Iapetus. *Brothers Prometheus and Epimetheus *Fought with the other Titans supporting Cronus against Zeus. Iapetus *The father of Prometheus, Epimetheus, Menoetius, and Atlas by Clymene. Prometheus *The wisest Titan. * His name means "forethought" *He was able to foretell the future. *He is known as the protector and benefactor of man. THE TWELVE GREAT OLYMPIANS 1. ZEUS * The Supreme God in Ancient Greece, Father of the Olympian Gods and ruler of mankind. * The Roman name of Zeus is “Jupiter” * The Almighty King of the Gods. * His wife was Hera * He was the “Lord of Justice” * Responsible for the weather and was shaping it according to his temper. Main symbols and weapons of Zeus * The symbols of Zeus were the eagle, the oak tree and the thunderbolt, Human like weaknesses: * ill tempered and had many affairs 2. HERA * The goddess of marriage and family and protector of married women. * The Roman name of Hera is “Juno” * She was the wife of Zeus. Together, they had 4 children: * Eilithya - the goddess who was protecting the childbirth, * Ares - the Olympian god of war *

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