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My NGUYEN HOA BINH L9917046 DUE DATE: 8/1/2012 RESEARCH REPORT TOPIC: You are a consultant to a government Health Department. Research indicates that the number of illegal drug users among a certain demographic group is high in your country. The health department wants you to identify why there has been an increase in drug use among this group and to make recommendations on how to ease this problem (young people from 14->29 years in Australia). ABSTRACT: It is clear that illicit drug use has become common and been used by an enormous number of Australian young people. This report analyzes the causes for the rise in young drug user body in Australia. . There are three key findings in this report including how easy for Australian young people to obtain illicit drugs with modern technology, disorders the young and the growth of dance music.As a result, the Australian government should recognize these causes and find out some appropriate strategies to deal with this issue. INTRODUCTION: Illicit drugs which can be defined as drugs whose production, sale or possession are prohibited are quite normal and common in Australian society. However, in recent years, illegal drug use has considerable rise in Austrailia particularly in young people from 14 to 29 years old. According to figure 1, illicit drug users from 14 to 29 years old accounts for the largest part (52.8%) in Australia in 2004. Illegal drug use can arise as a result of the increase in illicit drug online trade, disorders in the young and the development of dance music culture.Therefore, the aim of this report is to analyse the problems which cause an increase in illicit drug use among young people between 14 and 29 years and also suggest some possible solutions to ease these problems. FINDINGS: Figure 1: The percentages of illicit drug use among age groups in Australia in 2004 (Source adopted

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