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William’s Pizzeria report writing (tutorial) Executive summary * Provide a bit of background information * What will your report detail? William’s Pizzeria report writing (draft) This business report has been written for William who wishes to establish his own pizza business. This report will outline the importance of flexibility and vision skills as management skills. When establishing his business, William has a few different options. He can either start a new business or buying and then running part of a franchise. Each option has both advantages and disadvantages. Several legal considerations are also included in this report Skills of management Management skills are essential, as without them, the business will not succeed. One example of a necessary management skill is flexibility and adaptability to change. Businesses must be proactive rather than reactive as they will be unable to succeed during the change. Another example is Vision Flexibility Flexibility is the ability to operate a business despite changes in the business world. The business plan that was made in the beginning must also be changed, whilst still keeping the same goals so as to be able to have a clear vision. Today’s markets are highly competitive, technologically driven and rapidly changing. Those who are unable to change will be unable to succeed. Managers must identify the different options that are possible and choose the best possible course of action. Vision Vision is the clear, shared sense of direction that allows people to attain a common goal. Without a vision, the business will suffer from a lack of motivation and competitiveness. Furthermore, there would be no sense of commitment and cooperation. A business without a vision is an aimless business without guidance Establishment Options If William decides to open his own pizza business, there are

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