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I read the book of the man from nowhere, that book talks about a man millionaire who was in a trip in Wahiba sands with his wife and son. Wahiba is a place with soft sand desert and a long wall of red sand. In Wahiba there is no sound and there is nowhere you can go away from the sun. The man millionare and his family were going to go Terhan but the weather was very terrible there. so, the man said his wife that they could go to Bahrain and his wife accepted. They were flying in the plane, when suddenly the man saw a white light to his left and heard a loud noise and then something hard hit his face, on the left side between his left eye and his ear. suddenly he was half sitting and half lying on the floor of the plane but he couldn't move and he couldn't think. When he saw his wife, she was flying the plane but he knew that she didn't know how to fly the plane and then the man felt very ill, he had a terrible headache and he had pain everywhere. The plane crashed in the middle of the desert in Oman leaving the man and his family hurt and stranded. 2 hours went by and the man decided to go for help, He wanted to walk through the sand until come to find a village or someone who can help. The man began a journey across the desert to get help, suddenly a boy saw something on the sand,the man was found and taken to a nearby hospital but he was unconscious and no one had any idea who he is or where he has come from. Meanwhile time is running out for his wife and son who are waiting in the desert for help to arrive. Four days went by and the man opened his eyes, he couldn't remember his name, he couldn't remember nothing, suddenly he remembered that his wife and son were waiting for help. The doctor, the inspector and Christos Bardis (the man from nowhere) went looking for them in the afternoon and finally they found them

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