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Olivier Lubemba Jon drinnon English 201 A March 4th, 2013 Report 1 In relationships men and women most often have different ways to communicate; they are more comfortable when they talk to someone with the same sex. I will always try to be brief in conversations when I talk to my girlfriend than when I talk with my male friends. But when it comes her turn, she always talks about a lot of details that are not even important or need to be discussed at that time. So I’m going to pretend like I don’t listen to what she is saying but in reality I’m listening and I want her to stop then she gets mad and starts to complain. After that she will go call her sister and tell her that I’m ignoring her and not even paying attention to her then they’ll start to talk to talk about everything that she was telling, although that is true because she always comes up with shoes, mall, online shopping or her best friend bought this new dress while I’m not interested on all that. Basically we think so differently and rarely discuss about the same topic. In “His Talk, Her Talk”, Joyce Maynard writes “it can be risky these days to suggest that there any innate differences between men and women”. Maynard goes on to state that there is such a thing as men’s talk or women’s talk, she said men aren’t sweeter enough and this leads to misunderstanding and in their conversations with women. Also she claims that usually men’s topics are “Firewood.Central America.Trucks.The Celtics.Religion.You know.” At the other hand she shows that women’s topics are totally different because they talk about marriage, clothes and opening warehouse, pretty much everything in general about life. Overall men and women are totally different in their way to communicate, men like to get to the point by being brief but women are detailed. According to Mark A. Sherman and Adelaide

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