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Replication Essay

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Structure and Replication

  James Watson and Francis Crick solved the structure of DNA in 1953
  replisome: a protein machine made of complex proteins that coordinates the numerous reactions that are necessary for the rapid and accurate replication of DNA

  DNA: the genetic material
      genes are heredity factors and mutations known to alter gene function
      one-gene-one-protein hypothesis states genes control the structure of proteins
      genes are carried on chromosomes
      chromosomes consists of DNA and protein
      DNA is genetic material

  Discovery of Transformation
      Frederick Griffith performed experiments with Streptococcus pneumoniae
      usually lethal in mice but found some species evolved to be less virulent
      the deadly strain was enclosed in a polysaccharide capsule and was smooth, S
      the non-deadly strain had no capsule and was rough, R
      if the deadly S strain was heated and killed, the mouse would live
      if the non-deadly R strain was add to the non-deadly heated S strain, the mouse would die
      the cell debris from the heated S cells had converted the R cells into live deadly S cells, a process called transformation
      he did experiments to find the chemical responsible for the transformation
      the   mixture lost its transforming ability only when the donor mixture was treated with the enzyme deoxyribonuclease, which breaks down DNA, therefor DNA is the genetic material

  Hershey-Chase experiment
      Alfred Hershey and Martha Chase did experiments using the phage T2, a virus that infects bacteria
      information injected into bacteria by phage to replicate phage must be genetic material
      most pf phage structure is protein, with DNA inside the sheath of its head
      labeled the protein and DNA with radioisotopes, 32P for DNA and 35S for protein
      when 35S labeled phages were used, the material ended up in the phage ghosts
      when 32P labeled phages...

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