Repeat Drunk Driving Remains a Problem

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Repeat drunk driving remains a problem Despite already having tough laws against drunk driving, drunk driving continues to be a problem. Actually, China's leaders are now considering whether to make the penalty for drinking and driving even stiffer. According to a report in the state-run China Daily, legislators in Beijing are debating a new law that would up the maximum fine for drunk driving to 5,000 yuan and allow authorities to revoke the offender's license for up to 10 years. But the report does not say when lawmakers will announce a final decision. Consideration of the new law comes as the number of cars in China has exploded. According to China Daily’s report that by the end of 2010, there were more than 200 million cars plying China's roads, with another 20 million more expected to be added this year. With such rapid increase in cars, the number of drunk drivers has also been on the rise. After doing little to address the problem in the early years of the car boom, China has recently begun to put its foot down on drunk driving. In 2009, Chinese courts handed the death sentence to a 30-year-old company executive who killed four people and injured one more while driving drunk in the western city of Chengdu. The man, Sun Weiming, appealed the decision and was resentenced to life in prison. So what can be done to deal with the repeat drunk driving? First, our laws should be made tougher to show zero tolerance to such murderous driving. Many countries, such as the United States, Sweden and Singapore, have stricter punishment for DUI (driving under the influence). Second, police officers should enforce the law at all times and in all places, leaving no gaps of which violators can take advantage. Crackdown on DUI is not something that should be carried out for only a short period, but it should stay as long as there's

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