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Republicans versus Democrats: When Brothers Never Stop Fighting In America, we are the only country with everything big: cars, money, clothes, food and even a big deficit… or so tons of Republicans and Democrats have been saying since former President George W. Bush left office back in two thousand eight. Both political parties have been clashing together like rams fighting since the middle of the eighteen hundred’s. The Democrats are considered Liberal, meaning the party is open to new behavior or opinions and willing to discard traditional values; The Republicans are considered conservative meaning the party holds on to traditional attitudes and values, and cautious about change or innovation, typically in politics or religion. Currently in the news and the past decade, the taxes and budget of the federal government and size of our government in our country have been major topics that have still not yet been resolved. Therefore, the United States’ Republican and Democratic parties have three issues they talk about frequently, which are: taxes and budget of the federal government, and size of government. Republican Chairman of the House Budget Committee Paul Ryan and the budget committee has written down a fiscal budget resolution for 2013 of how the economy should look like within the next ten to forty years. The plan states on behalf of the whole Republican House Budget Committee that they want to “Prevent the President’s tax increase; Reform broken tax code to make it simple, fair and competitive; Clear out special interest loopholes and lower everybody’s tax rate to promote growth.” On the contrary, President Barack Hussein Obama (Democrat) budget house says it is going “To increase fairness and reduce the deficit; this budget ends nearly 1 trillion in unwarranted and fiscally irresponsible Bush era tax cuts for millionaires, closes a variety of

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