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Rental Car Analysis

  • Submitted by: Letta4U
  • on September 16, 2012
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Alternate Fuel Vehicles for
Lotus Rental Car
University of Phoenix Students
COMM/210 Team x

Presentation is to the Board of Directors, and the CEO, of Lotus Rental Cars. The presentation will be on the feasibility of adding alternative fuel to the rental fleet. During the presentation, pros and cons will be discussed and presented, along with tax incentives that the US Government has provided to companies willing to use alterative fuels.

Thesis Statement
Fossil fuels are being consumed more rapidly than the earth can reproduce them, causing the price of gasoline to constantly increase. Expense is not the only shortcoming of petroleum products; they are also detrimental to the environment. Lotus Rental Car is in a position to make an impact in terms of the environment and their bottom line by converting to an alternative fuel source. By converting Lotus's rental cars to an alternative fuel source, we can expect to save money by reducing the amount of gasoline purchased. The conversion would reduce the level of carbon emissions because our vehicles would not operate on petroleum products. Lotus Rental Car's services would appeal to a larger customer base and elevate profits.

In Favor of (Pro)
“Skyrocketing fuel prices seem to have our nation over a barrel. This could be the crisis that tips the scale toward higher fuel efficiency standards for automobiles, reinvestment in public transportation systems, and aggressive development of renewable alternatives long advocated.” (J. G., 2005)
“As research shows, there are many positive reasons why America should look more in favor of finding alternative means to an end. Concerns about global warming have prompted lawmakers to unleash incentives for renewable energy. Wind power, solar energy, geothermal, and biomass fuels are all benefiting.” (Port, 2005)” Burning of fossil fuels not only contributes to global warming-it wastes money. Improving the energy efficiency...

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