Rent: the Musical Essay

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Ana Warren Prof. James Speese Effective Speaking October 14, 2014 Title: Rent: The Musical/Play Topic: The History of Rent Purpose: Thesis Statement: Reasoning behind the order: Chronological order/ well natural flow from topic to topic Intro: Jonathan Larson was born to Allan and Nanette Larson in Mount Vernon, New York, on February 4, 1960. After graduating from Adelphi University on Long Island, he moved to the East Village neighborhood of Manhattan and, over a period of 12 years, wrote many plays and musicals, including the off-Broadway hit "Tick...tick...BOOM!" It wasn't until 1994, however, that he began to work on what would be known as Rent. Finished in 1995, the musical was set to go into previews off-Broadway in early 1996. Rent, the musical, takes place in East Village, New York and focuses on the lives of 8 Bohemians and their struggles with sexuality, drugs, paying their rent, and life under the shadow of HIV/AIDS over a year. Body: * Paragraph 1: Birth of Rent * Originally the idea for the musical was a playwright named Billy Aronson’s * He noticed some similarities between, an opera, La Boheme’s struggling artists in Paris and the struggling artists in America * Larson was suggested to him from Playwright Horizon * Eventually after working together for a few months Aronson’s let go of the project and let Larson have complete control * Paragraph 2: Reason behind title Rent has a numerous amount of meanings. * Torn- torn between comfort and idealism, love and dignity, and fear of intimacy. * Payment- Month-to-month living because they are struggling to come up with the money to pay the rent for the place they are living. Ex. The song ‘I’ll Cover You’ because in the song ‘I think they meant it/When they said you can't buy love/Now I know you can rent it/A new lease you are my love/On

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