Rent a Car Essay

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Journal of Business Cases and Applications Rent-A-Car: An integrated team-based case study for managerial economics Dmitriy Chulkov Indiana University Kokomo Dmitri Nizovtsev Washburn University ABSTRACT Courses in Managerial Economics face the challenge of having theoretical focus different from more applied disciplines in business school curricula. The case study method has been proposed as a means of enhancing student learning and motivation in these courses. This article presents an integrated case designed for a Managerial Economics course at the M.B.A. or the upper undergraduate level. The case study covers multiple learning outcomes and consists of several assignments designed to enhance understanding of both theoretical concepts and quantitative methods featured in the course over a semester. This case is particularly appropriate for a team-based learning curriculum. Keywords: Managerial economics, case study method, team-based learning, M.B.A. curriculum Copyright statement: Authors retain the copyright to the manuscripts published in AABRI journals. Please see the AABRI Copyright Policy at Rent-A-Car, page 1 Journal of Business Cases and Applications INTRODUCTION Managerial economics courses at the M.B.A. level encounter several pedagogical challenges, including the fact that the economics component in business curriculum is a theoretical standout compared with more applied business disciplines. The students may fail to see the applicability of course concepts, which leads to a lack of motivation. Furthermore, employers value quantitative and communication skills in M.B.A. graduates but the traditional lecture-based delivery model makes it difficult to address these skills within one course. Case study method has been recommended as a way of increasing student involvement, motivation,
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