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Review for The play called Rent When approaching the stage I was honestly a bit nervous about what I was about to see, I almost didn't walk in, but I figured if it was as bad as 'Elliott loves" I would walk out. When the first scene started I thought to myself of course they would have yet another gay scene and I was shocked as to how far they took it. The interaction between the two of them was disturbing to say the least; there were two men, one of them was a prostitute and he was planning to steal from the other guy that looked wealthy in his eyes. The other man that looked wealthy turned out to be the pimp, and this new guy on the block didn't know the protocol and who was in charge. The pimp realized that he was inexperienced and planned immediately to seek pleasure with the other man in a degrading way. I’m guessing the prostitute didn’t plan to sleep with the man for cash he just wanted to rob him but the conversation took a turn of events. The intercultural way to view this would be the verbal coding that took place, prostitutes and people in that line of work has a way of speaking; they speak in code so that they won’t get caught by the cops and they also speak in code so that regular people wouldn’t be able to catch on. Even though these types of transactions are done in the night time they still have to be careful who they are dealing with. Other than that the rest of the play had me on pins and needles, thinking when am I going to have to turn away again. The scene with the young school girl who looked over 40 and the African American prostitute was also indifferent. Their interaction was a little funny, she was playing a younger girl and she seemed out of character, like a grown woman pretending to be a child, she was smart enough to hold conversations with prostitutes, but stupid enough to fall in love with one. Outside of the play I thought her

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