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RESIDENTIAL TENANCY AGREEMENT Saskatchewan 1. This agreement is made in duplicate between Landlord Name Address PO Box (if applicable) City Postal Code Phone (work) Phone (home) E-mail Cell Phone/Pager -and- Tenant(s) Name(s) Name all adults and/or children who will occupy the premises Type of Property Specify Only those tenants and occupants named are allowed to live in the premises without written consent of the landlord. 2. The landlord will rent to the tenant and the tenant will rent from the landlord the following premises: Street Suite Number City / Town Postal Code Tenant's mailing address (PO Box if applicable) Postal Code Tenant's Phone Number (work) (home) E-mail Cell Phone/Pager Next of Kin Emergency Contact Phone Number (work) (home) 3. The current agent or property manager for the landlord: Name Address Phone Number (work) (home) E-mail Cell Phone/Pager 4. The current superintendent for the building: Name Address Phone Number Emergency Phone Number E-mail Cell Phone/Pager 5. All Notices of Termination or service of documents to the landlord shall be in writing and served in person by registered mail or by any other means authorized by the Director to — [ ] the landlord / owner (and/or) [ ] the agent or property manager or [ ] the superintendent at the above noted addresses. 6. The tenancy begins on the day of , 20 and this shall be the anniversary date. The term is to run from year to year [ ], from month to month [ ], from week to week [ ] and the tenancy continues until the landlord or the tenant gives proper notice to terminate. OR The tenancy is for a fixed term, beginning on the day of , 20 and ending on the day of , 20 . 7. The

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