Rennisance and Reformation Essay

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The Renaissance and Reformation Think of today’s innovations, the electronics industry, biomedicine, chemical engineering, architecture. As humans we are creating things that seem impossible. Some may say we are in an age speed, as we quickly produce products, new buildings pop up every day, and information can be accessed almost instantly. According to the research from my world history book the renaissance was a time of revolutionary speed too. The renaissance and reformation was a time of invention and advancement that set milestones in history. The first advancement that has been the roots from which much other advancement during this time have branched off from is the printing press. Around the time 1440 a man named Johann Gutenberg from Mainz, Germany, built a printing press that included many new technologies and advancements. His printing press allowed books and written material to be produced quickly and efficiently. With his press he created an entire Bible, which was known as the Gutenberg Bible, in 1455. “It was the first full-sized book printed with movable type. The printing press enabled a printer to produce hundreds of copies of a single work.” (Beck 484) Usually around this time and the time before the press, books were expensive due to the extensive amount of work and time required to produce them. Gutenberg’s press made the process much easier and faster. Religious documents were the first kinds of works to be produced by the press but soon users began to produce other types of works. The sudden availability of books and these other types of works would inspire many others to seek education. This upset the church, as the education they received may have been against the church’s teachings. With education suddenly more available, the people of this time naturally became smarter. “Printing changed society by making more information

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