Renaissance Influence On Expansion

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The renaissance is known for its influence on exploration and expansion across the globe. Although it has always been human nature to explore, take Columbus’ exploration of the “West Indies” which he helped discover America, the Renaissance brought up interest leading to the exploration. The Renaissance led to the rediscovery of Greek and Roman texts and the new developments of technology, which led to the discovery of America. The Renaissance was a time of enlightenment for Europe. It brought about the end to the dark ages and led to a new wave of knowledge that swept through all of Europe. It also came with the rediscovery of ancient Greek and Roman texts. They prompted explorers to go further and explore more than anyone had before. The difference that the Europeans had wanted was that they wanted a Christian influence to be included in the exploration. Columbus was the first to explore proving that the world was in fact not flat. The promise of new resources and the chance of spreading their religion were what truly prompted explorers to discover new lands. In fact the very reason for exploration was to find new routes to places like the West Indies. These potential routes would have made their exploration go faster. Renaissance technology was what allowed the explorers to make their way to new lands in search of resources. The development of new ships and new weapons made exploration and colonization incredibly easier. Guns, germs, and steel were what really set the explorers from natives. Due to these advancements they were able to cruise through new lands with relatively no challenge. The natives were awestruck by the power that the explorers wielded. The spears they possessed were no match for the gunpowder and steel swords that were used against them. The development of a caravel also was a tremendous aid. These were ships that allowed
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