Renaissance Education Essay

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Renaissance Education During the renaissance the values and purposes of education were transformed and challenged to an extent. The Renaissance occurred when Europe was just coming out of the dark ages. The Renaissance characterizes a time in European history when people began to have radical ideas about the value of the individual and education. The era was greatly influenced by classical themes of the Greco-Roman culture but it also gave birth to new ideas such as, humanism and individualism. These ideas came from a mixture of Christian ideals and classical philosophy. Education during the renaissance was based around the humanities, which are; poetry, grammar, history, moral philosophy and rhetoric. It also focused around the arts, such as sculpting, painting, architecture. Some believed that the most important thing was learning these as the arts and the humanities were most important to them. Another point of viewing the education system of the time was that learning these ideas and skills lead to a better moral being. Contrary to those opinions some were against this type of education, they thought that this extensive learning of the arts and the humanities wasn’t as important as being educated in everyday tasks. During the Renaissance era, the arts were greatly valued. To learn things such as history, poetry, literatures and the Latin language were considered primary skills. The arts were very popular, if you were a skilled artist you could be patroned by the wealthy families and become extremely famous and successful. Artist such as Michelangelo and Rafael are examples of this. The benefits of education were seen from religious, political, female, intellectual and social perspectives. “When once the simpler rules of composition, in prose and verse, and the commoner figures of speech have been mastered, the whole stress of teaching must be laid upon a
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