Renaissance Comparison Essay

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Renaissance Comparison Essay Maurice Young HUM/205 August 26, 2012 Cindy Le Fevre Renaissance Comparison Essay The middle ages implemented a social culture that was difficult to divide from in the beginning of the Renaissance period. Religion had a stronghold on the people that they were reluctant to let its value descend but became entranced in more open-minded ideals. Thus, the Italian Renaissance started a wave of new individualized concepts scientifically, politically, economically; and socially. The birth of new ideals and concepts from Italy gradually became of interest in Northern Europe. The sale of vast amounts of materials from Italy caused Northern Europeans to like Italian artistry and humanistic ways which they cultivated into their own culture. The Italian Renaissance and Northern Europe Renaissance stood on the same principles of “rebirth” but took many different paths in implementing their ideals. However, there was one very important social and cultural similarity. The Italians and the English were people who believed in Christianity, which both Michelangelo and Albrecht Durer stressed through their earlier Renaissance paintings and sculptures of religious characters. (Italian Renaissance vs. Northern European Renaissance, 2010) The Italians and the English both draw and painted though linear point of views, which later developed a drawing and painting practice called, “chiaroscuro” using light and dark colors to give a three-dimensional illusions. (History.Com, 2012) The social and culture differences came about when a Northern Europe painter by the name of Hieronymus Bosch, along with others, started a revolt against organized religion. This was the beginning of church reform in Northern Europe which gave way to Martian and his Protestant reformation. The Italian Humanist were European individuals who
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