Renaissance and Baroque Essay

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Renaissance and Baroque Jason M Bunch Western Governors University Literature, Arts and Humanities ITW1 Student Id: 000250372 Renaissance and Baroque The Renaissance was the art period that evolved after the Middle Ages in Europe. During the Renaissance Europe experienced a rebirth of curiosity towards the classical learning and values of ancient Roman and Greek times ("Renaissance Art," 2010). The works of art from this time period were typically religious in nature and focused on the human element bringing in different shadows and colors than the previous art period. Three of the greatest artists that held the strongest command of the period were Leonardo Di Vinci, Michelangelo Buonarroti and Raphael Sanzio. Raphael Sanzio, who had a substantial impact on this period, first commission was A Virgin and a Child. Raphael was well known for his Madonnas and the ability to have their face tell a tale through their gaze. Raphael seemed to focus on the human element and tell the story of the painting through the person in the painting rather than through the picture itself ("Raphael’s Madonnas," 2013). Raphael’s “Mond Crucifixion” tells the story of Jesus’ crucifixion in a way that makes it seem serene. Jesus’ face looks as if he is at peace and not in agony from having spikes driven through his hands and feet. The angels flying around him have chalices capturing his blood and they look as if that is their job and they are supposed to be there catching Jesus’ blood. John the Evangelist is seen looking up at Jesus’ feet that are nailed to the cross almost as if he is saying “Huh that is how they do that”. Raphael’s use of color sets the tone for this picture. Bright colors and the use of shadows make the picture seem very calm and peaceful. Greens and blues set a more relaxing and calming tone. The Renaissance paved the way for and had an influence on the
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