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Renaissance Comparison Essay The indication of Italian culture and rebirth from the medieval era began with the transformations that transpired throughout the Italian Renaissance. Society was shifting and the modern world was at its beginning. Italian values and characteristics were transferred out of Italy and into Europe created the Northern European Renaissance this was the renaissance activity that was identified outside of Italy. “Renaissance” is a French word meaning “rebirth.” The Renaissance period started in the early 14th century and continued into late 16th century. This era is known and studied for great cultural changes, literature, art, music, and successes in Europe. It is also known as the modern age. During the early 14th century, Italian professors began studying Greek and Roman cultures that paved the way for others. This knowledgeable curiosity of Italian professors would launch the Italian Renaissance. After the distress cause by the Black Plague in the Middle Ages both Europe and Italy were eager for reform. The launch of the Renaissance was in Florence, Italy. Culture, Politics, and the arts were in depreciation after the fall of the Roman Empire. An Italian humanists Petrarch encouraged the education of Roman and Italy’s history. The inspiration of education was practiced by other scholars and brought support from royalty and the Pope. The scholars found the actions of the Romans to be effective, and wanted to develop a process for improvement of their culture rather than reestablish the accomplishments of the Romans. The scholars authored books to motivate thinking and to initiate urgency in Italian’s. Since Italy was split into city-states it provided a more contemporary, provincial, and traditional view. This split of the city-states created an environment suitable for banking and trade. The increase of banking and

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