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The Renaissance Rise of Fame Tyrone M. Croutch Strayer University The Renaissance is a time of great individualism. Recognizing individual efforts and the concept of becoming known beyond the local area (fame) began to grow during the Renaissance Era. Artists, in particular, understood that by signing their works, they could gain renown in areas far from their own. This is in stark contrast to artists during the middle Ages, who, for the most part, painted to glorify God. In addition, a painting to glorify God did not require the artist to sign the work. As a result, the artists for many of the works done during the Middle Ages remain unknown today. The attention to the development of the individual during the Renaissance also included education. Importance was placed on individual education in all intellectual areas as well as becoming knowledgeable about one’s physical being, which meant learning things like swordsmanship or wrestling. During the Renaissance, you could become educated in many different areas (writing, swordsmanship, etc.). This was almost the opposite of beliefs of the middle Ages when education was highly structured and typically was for only one field. (Donald M. Cultures and Values pg. 417). So during the middle Ages, experts in specific fields were highly regarded, and during the Renaissance, such need to become a specialist in a single field was not held high regard. As a matter of fact, the beliefs during the Renaissance were that an individual should study many different fields and become as educated in as many varying fields as possible. During the 14th and 15th centuries in Italy, the study of history became popular. The conclusions drawn by Italian scholars who had studied history was that they were living in new era. They believed that they were free from the “darkness and ignorance” of the past. Scholars began comparing their

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