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Renaissance Renaissance, meaning rebirth, is used to describe a period of Western European history between the 15th and 17th centuries. It was a period of great cultural change and achievement in Europe. it resulted in a new view of mankind.Before the Renaissance, Europeans lived in a period we called the Middle Ages. The middle ages In the feudal structure of the Middle Ages, the nobles who lived in the country provided the king with protection in exchange for land. Peasants worked the land for the nobles, for which they received protection and their own small parcels of land. These rural peasants worked from sunup to sundown. . During the Middle Ages, Europeans were concerned with the church and religion, and everyone's activities centered around getting to heaven rather than life here on earth. . The Plague Begins Life in the city was soon to change drastically. During the late Middle Ages and early Renaissance (1350-1450) the bubonic plague, also called the "Black Death," devastated one third of Europe's people, made daily European life scary and dangerous. The plague, which was almost always fatal, spread most rapidly in cities, where people were in close contact with each other To escape the danger, at least in their minds, people turned to God and the church. The Plague's Effect on the Economy The population decrease caused by the plague led to an economic depression. Merchants and tradespeople had fewer people to whom they could sell their wares. Products therefore accumulated, and the merchants and traders suffered a loss in income. Economic hardship spread throughout the community as those who dealt with the merchants--bankers, suppliers, and shippers--also lost revenue. As incidence of the plague decreased in the late fifteenth century, populations swelled, creating a new demand for goods and services. A new middle class began to emerge

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