Remembering the Holocaust – Summary – Sonia Goldstein

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Azeem Ahmed 5/8 B/D Sunday, March 30, 2014 S.S-8 Wetzel Remembering the Holocaust – Summary – Sonia Aronowitz Goldstein When one person tries to eliminate an entire race some people shall contribute but the rest shall over power him and avenge all the fallen lives that were lost by his madness. This has happened in human history before by the man named Adolf Hitler. What this man caused was called the Holocaust. The Holocaust was the persecution and murder of approximately eleven million people in which, approximately six million were Jews, and five million were other innocent humans by the Nazi and their collaborators. There are still some Holocaust survivors in this world not a lot though and so one very special guest came to speak to Washingtonville Middle School’s students and parents. Her name is a name that I shall hopefully never forget her name was Sonia Aronowitz Goldstein. Sonia recalled those miserable days in great detail, describing how the women were starved, how they lacked of sleep, and also how they worked through physical, mental, and emotional suffering. Yet, every day she held out hope that the Russians would come liberate them. During the middle of Goldstein's speech she began to tell us when the Nazis took the women from their tents and had them embark on what she described as a death march to a small town in Poland. Goldstein told the eighth graders that they were forced by their Nazi overseers to march for weeks like this, some dying along the way. Finally, she recalled, that they were marched to the top of hill. Below there was a valley with a barn. Goldstein described seeing the peasants removing the livestock from the barn. Once the barn was emptied of the animals, the Nazis forced the women inside. Being the first ones in, Goldstein, her mother, cousin and aunt ran to a wall where they fell down from

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