Remembering an Event Essay

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I do not actually remember when I got my first pair of boxing gloves; I just remember them being there. They were red with chewed up white elastic around the wrist section and Mike Tyson’s autograph replicated on the knuckle. They were all chewed up because when we would put on one glove we would use our mouths to put on the other glove. I do not know what intrigued me about this vicious sport, but I loved every second of it. I guess I thought that being the world champ meant that you had nothing to fear, like superman. My dad always told my brother and I about the undefeated heavyweight champ Rocky Marciano and every time I would hear these stories I thought that is who I want to be when I grow up. When I was about 4 years old I had my first boxing match, against my 8 year old brother. We pulled the torn 80’s couches into the corner of our living room and threw some pillows on the ground so if we were to knock each other down we would not be hurt. It ended up becoming a wrestling match and my brother threw me over the couch; he won just like he would win every time after that. The next time I boxed was Halloween night freshman year of high school. It was a school night so Halloween was bound to be dull this year as I sat through my last class in school. When I got home, I carved my pumpkin and invited some of my friends over to go trick or treating for what was most likely our last Halloween. Then I put on my Bart Simpson mask and stood in front of my mom’s mirror. I did the same thing every Halloween because I would remember every time when I was little and my mom would have to help me change into my costume, and think of how much fun Halloween use to be. My friends arrived at my house and we started on our conquest to find people who are too lazy to answer the door so they leave their candy in a big basket outside their door. Almost every door we would knock on

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