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Remembered Event Essay When I picked up a pair of drumsticks and slowly began to learn what I thought was a simple, unimportant skill, I had no idea that what I was doing would take effect on the person I was becoming and the things I would accomplish. In junior high I was in-confident, did poorly in class, and always had a bad attitude. But then I discovered the thing that would change who I was for the better and give me the focus I still use to this day. It was another day in school, and I was walking lazily down the hall to detention. I headed into the band hall, where detention was scheduled at the time, and took a seat. The band hall was littered with trophies across the lockers and an uncountable amount of musical stands in front of all the chairs. I sat for what seemed like hours till the end of detention until I was approached by a very large, old looking man in slacks and plaque shirt. He asked me if I ever considered joining the band, but I was never interested in anything school related. However, I would accept the offer to join he soon gave me after he agreed to talk to the secretary about putting me in the band in place of detention. He gave me lessons on reading music, which I didn't care for but had to learn to stay out of detention, and asked me which instrument I wanted to learn. I was very indecisive, so he suggested percussion. The next day was my first time attending band class. I really didn't know what to expect, but I figured it would just be another class to “sleep through”. We started out playing warm ups, then on to actual songs. To my surprise, I had very little trouble catching on and did quite well for my first time. Before I knew it, the bell rang as I was beginning to enjoy myself. Band class was over and I was eager to return. Who would have thought that me, of all people, would have a class to be excited about? I spent

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