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My Miracles My doctor decided to schedule an induction at 36 weeks due to excessive swelling of my legs and intolerable back pain. Both of the twins were vertex and he expected a textbook delivery. My heart tightened. My throat narrowed. I felt as if I was breathing through a tiny straw, getting just enough air to get by. Tears welled up and I told myself to be composed enough to thank the OB/GYN for his opinion. These were the words that I longed to hear. Remaining optimistic, skepticism, an old acquaintance, lingered. I was willing to go through any lengths to have healthy and happy babies. On the morning of my induction day I had not slept at all, but I wasn’t tired. I was so anxious. Anxious of what to anticipate, the needles, the harsh florescent lighting, the pain, the joy; but most importantly the anticipation that in several hours I was indeed going to be the mother to not one but two infants; infants that I was responsible for. It wasn’t until that moment as that thought crossed through my mind that I felt the weight of the world on my shoulders. Perpetually late, I found myself panicking, scrambling about, waddling as quickly as my enormous sausage legs could take me. Eventually nestled in the front seat of the car I recall being completely calm as I made my way to the hospital. I gazed out the half open window breathing in the warm salt from the gulf. Perhaps I was in a state of contentment or rather preparation of what was about to come. I arrived at the hospital around 6:30 a.m. The nurses were patiently waiting for my arrival, enjoying those precious quiet moments before what the day had in store for us all. Promptly escorted, I was introduced to the room that would welcome my miracles. It was quite large with two separate stations prepared for our little additions arrival. I quickly disrobed and before I could position

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