Remember When We Were Six? Essay

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Remember the days when we were six? With a bedtime of 8PM? Personally, I would always say to myself, "I wish I was older so I could make my own bedtimes!". I am now with a bedtime of pretty much whenever I want (usually about 10:30 at the very earliest). I desperately wish to be younger. That was the good life. Literally, not a care in the world. Maybe except which Pokemon cards I was going to trade with my best friends. I would pay a copious amount of money to go back to days where I didn't have to worry about making money, getting good grades and figure out complex mental and social problems. Unfortunately, nobody has figured out how to make a time machine, so I'm stuck with what I have now. This makes me realize that I haven't even reached the hard part yet. When I'm an adult, I am going to have a whole new set of worries. Debt, a job, and taxes to figure out, for example. Somewhere, I have to find hope. Somehow, I have to find a way to make my situation seem not so brutal. I think I have. The poor children living in the harsh conditions in Africa and any other children with similar circumstances. Those types of poor children live lives that are much worse than most of the stressed adults in North America. There are millions of children who are six years old and they have the responsibility to take of not only themselves, but their siblings as well. If that wasn't harsh enough, they have little to no access to the supplies they desperately need. They have nobody to look after them. The rest of their family has either abandoned them or died of HIV. This gives me hope that everything will be okay. Whenever I'm feeling stressed out, I tell myself "If the six year olds in Africa can do their best to take care of their siblings with literally nothing, I can handle this in comparison, with the tiny bits of stress from taxes and etc. from the developed

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