Remember the Titians

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In the film "Remember the Titians" directed by Boaz Yakin an important relationship is formed between American football players Gerry Betrier, white captain and Julius Campbell, black defender. Visual and oral techniques used in this film to help convey these ideas are the use of music, costume and close up camera shot. This relationship between Gerry and Julius helps convey the ideas of brotherhood, equality and not to judge people. At the start of the film Gerry and Julius were quick to judge each other by their skin color, they were like enemies and treated each other with hatred. During training camp and being forced to dorm with each other they soon learn to put aside their differences and accept each other. They also discover that they have a lot in common and become almost like brothers. This made an impact on other characters in the movie, making them realize that having friends of a different race was not wrong. An oral language feature used in the film "Remember the Titans" is music to help convey the ideas of brotherhood.Music is used in this film to help create a relaxed atmosphere of emotions and feelings. For example music was used when the team was falling apart under pressure from the community, separating them to a black vs. white ( like they were before they meet each other). Gerry and Julius decided to call a team meeting and one of the players started singing. The music sung by the character reminded the team about their bond they had at camp, and they all started singing, chanting, cheering and dancing. The directors purpose of using music as a film technique is to show Gerry and Julius respect for each other. A visual language feature used in the film is costume to help convey the ideas of equality. Costumes are used in the film to show a characters personality. An example costume was used was during the start of the film Gerry and

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