Remember the Titans Film Review

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A journey back to 1971 Boaz Yakin’s Remember the Titans presents the issue of racial discrimination in Alexandra, Virginia on a provincial level. The peaceful music which opens the film creates a tone of remembrance, respect, harmony and UNTIY- a strong theme throughout the film which characters struggle with. When two high schools are forced to integrate, both football teams clash due to race and issues with mixing in together. With displays from the ‘coloured’ people against the whites over the killing of a coloured college boy by a white shop owner, the School Board find it appropriate to hire a “coloured” coach for the football team at T.C Williams. By hiring Coach Boone (the coloured football coach), the School Board think that things might just settle between everyone, but does it “keep the peace” or does it just cause tensions to arise? The film focuses on the struggles of this high school football team to unite and band together to defy the odds, as seen through the eyes of a young girl whose passion is football. Boaz Yakin’s fine choice in picking an actor who would portray Coach Boone as an inspirational, high achieving, no-bull character was reflected in the amazing acting skills of Denzel Washington. Washington took his role of Coach Boone with the dignity and perfectly suited that character. However, despite characterisation, as with most sport flicks, it isn’t about individuals it’s about the team. Julius Campbell (Wood Harris) and Gerry Bertier (Ryan Hurst) are two characters the audience will definitely warm up to and grow to love as a character. Credits go to both Harris, Hurst and of course Boaz Yakin for their fine efforts in making their characters realistic and incredible to watch. Another role that was played incredibly and splendidly was the role of Sheryl Yoast. Sheryl was played by the young and confident, Hayden Panettiere who did an

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