Remember The Titans Essay

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Let me tell you something , you don 't let anyone come between us nothing tears us apart . Greek mythology , the Titans were greater even than the gods , they ruled their universe with absolute power . Well that football field out there , that 's our universe . Let 's rule it like titans . These lines always remind me of how society always tries to measure a person 's abilities . Even other people become judges on whether or not a person is to be accepted or not . But measuring or judging a person by the way he or she looks , that task is impossible . The world has been immersed in a constant battle about what is it that which makes a person , a person . Does existence precedes essence ? In reality , there is a fine marginal line that carves the very nature of racism whether people are conscious of it or not . As a result , the prevalent conflict that thoroughly divides and segregates society invigorates the conflict between one race and another . And in times like these , the unconventional response to this problem is stated in the question , why must people remember the Titans The movie , Remember the Titans , was actually based on real incidents These incidents actually happened in Alexandria , Virginia in 1971 . The plot of this story revolved around the T .C . Williams High School particularly about their football team 's adamant desire in winning the championship . In aspiring to win , a new head coach , Herman Boone , played by Denzel Washington , was selected to bring this team to the championship . The conflict arose from the fact the new head coach was black . Being an all white team , such a change was a controversial one to the players , their parents and the school community . This was further aggravated by the new black recruits who joined the team . Thus , the war was set in motion . The battle was no longer centered on the other teams but on

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