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The suns rays sparkled off of the windshields of the cars sitting in (about?) the car park. The colour of the sky as the sun set was a breath taking site (sight). The car park was full of cars, the people stepping (emerging / sprouting) out of their cars had cheerful and content expressions. Xavier College is located in one of the most beautiful cities, the city of York in Yorkshire, North England. Xavier College looked (as? // are you reminiscing? Have you seen it before? If not, “..looked old and ancient, as if built in Ancient Rome”) old and ancient as ever, the school itself looked like it was from ancient Rome. She felt the sun retreating from her back as it set. The woman hesitantly walked towards the school, with a gut wrenching feeling in her stomach. She walked down a hallway that felt so familiar from 10 years ago. The woman, named Violet, had pale white skin, with long straight hair that was darker than the night sky. She had bright blue eyes; eyes that hid some kind of deep sorrow. The hallway felt never ending, as the woman rounded a corner she saw the entrance to the hall, where the reunion was being held. She started moving in a timid pace towards the old fashioned, wooden door. As she entered the hall, it overflowed with radiant shining lights. People started gathering around her, like a flock of sheep, greeting her, wondering how she has been and complimenting her. Despite everyone wanting to converse with Violet, she felt a sense of discomfort. Not knowing why, but they spoke in a cautious way, as if not to step on an exploding land mine. She heard a familiar name and her eyes wondered around the room, she was trying to find someone, but couldn’t quiet remember who she was looking for. Violet roamed around the hall, admiring the gleaming lights and the beautiful decorations. She tried to keep to herself, but the majority of the people in the hall

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