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Rembrandt van Rijn In Leyden, Holland, the year of 1606, the renowned artist known as Rembrandt van Rijn was born. At age seven he began attending grammar school where he studied the classics, Latin, possibly Hebrew, and the Bible. Seven years later Rembrandt's father made plans for sending him to a university. Rembrandt, whose only desire was to paint, refused. From the years 1620 to 1623, Rembrandt studied in Amsterdam under Pieter Lastman. It his Lastman who probably first exposed Rembrandt to Renaissance painting and Christianity as a major theme. This style of painting Christian topics though, was more one of expressing fantastic stories, than teaching the Bible. By age nineteen, Rembrandt began to search for his own style. For the next seven years he painted in a grandiose and lucid technique, painting the stories of Samson, David and Goliath, Judas, and Saint Paul. These works would soon bring him much fame and wealth, but only for as long as he was willing to refrain from the avant-garde. Throughout his career, Rembrandt van Rign went from Amsterdam's famous painter--enjoying great wealth, to the impecunious, prodigal son--awaiting forgiveness. Rembrandt's life was a tragic one full of misfortune, loss and grief, leading him to rely greatly on religious solace. No matter what his social status, fortune or demeanor, Rembrandt always stayed near to his faith in the Bible and its teachings. Though he was never much a man of chastity or religious practice, his faith in Christianity was unwavering. The purpose of this paper is to study Rembrandt the artist, how he was affected by social life and, more pointedly, his religious beliefs. It is not certain whether Rembrandt ever belonged to any particular church, though many believe he may have been a Mennonite for a short period. What is known for certain though, is that just prior to his death in 1669, the

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