Rembrandt Harmenszoon Van Rijn Essay

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Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn was a famous Dutch painter. Rembrandt was known as one of the best painters and etchers of his time. He is a big part of Dutch history. His style was considered Baroque art. He painted during a great time in Dutch history, the Dutch Golden Age. His life events had an impact on his art work. During his youth he achieved success. He was a gifted painter who was young and he became famous. But in his later years he faced different kinds of situations. Rembrandt started teaching an art class, this class graduated some famous artist. He becomes a famous portraitist. He then marries a daughter of a art dealer. They want to have kids, so they have a son who dies just two months later. Then they have a daughter. His daughter dies at three weeks old. Being sad and wanting another child, they have another daughter. This time she lives a month and dies as well. He has a son, Titus, who lives to reach adulthood. But then his wife dies of tuberculosis. He remarries to another wife. He becomes bankrupt and all this possestions are sold on an auction. He moves to another house where his wife dies. He then remarries and dies a few months later. Rembrandt had a though life. Fist his name was just a tounge twister. Then everyone around him started to die off and he lost all his money. He had a very hard life. If you look at his paintings you will see how those situations effected his

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