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Rembrandt/Turner I. Rembrandt – The Baptism of the Chamberlain A. Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn (1606-1669) B. Oil Painting on canvas 40.5 x 33.5 Inches (103cm x 85cm). Painted when Rembrandt was at the age of 22 or 23, in Leiden, between 1628 – 1629. C. The Baptism of the Chamberlain (or Eunuch) depicts the biblical story of St. Philip baptizing the Eunuch of the Ethiopian Queen Candace accompanied by well traveled and trained warriors of the Queen. The envoy was traveling from Jerusalem and arriving near Gaza when at a cove on the edge of the river bank, the Queen’s chamberlain was suddenly overwhelmed to meet and talk with the disciple Philip. The eunuch was than converted to Christianity and baptized. This is significant because the chamberlain was the first black disciple of Christ and he played a large roll in converting Ethiopia to Christianity. D. The last referenced reports of the original painting come from auction lists in the 18th century. Occasionally, museums would refer to the copies and engravings, credit them to Rembrandt, and record their existence. E. The painting has evidence of terror, fear and escape. Most likely stemmed alarm from Nazi confiscation of the painting. There are scars of having been carelessly cut from the painting’s frame, and ripped off from its original stretcher. The work could have had another inch or more if it had not been cut into the stretcher or along the frame’s edge. The Baptism of the Chamberlain was most likely ironed flat, laid out on a flat surface where it could be pressed down with some weighted objects, and than cleaned with damp cloths. F. The affluent family left Germany and Austria to come to the United States with most of their priceless pieces of art and furniture. G. The family hired so-called highly-recommended experts to restore, re-canvas, and retouch their art. Unfortunately, by

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