Rembering and Forgetting Essay

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Introduction In my This essay I decided that I would will begin with a definition of forgetting, followed by an outline of the main psychological and biological reasons behind why we forget things information. This is what I have found out from my investigation. Definition Forgetting is the inability to revive memories from either out short-term memory store or our long-term memory store. Causes of forgetting There are many different reasons behind why we forget information either psychologically or biologically. Psychological reasons There are four main reasons of as to why we psychologically forget things are information: 1. The first one is Decay: This means which simply means the failure to revive information. this could be because the A possible reason is that memory is so old and hasn’t been rehearsed or revived sooner so it is eventually lost. 2. Another reason is Interference. This is when our memories compete because the information is so similar that we confuse the two. The two basic inferences are: • Proactive inference: is where old memories are making it hard to remember new memories. • Retroactive inference: is where new memories are interfere with interfering remembering previously learnt information. 3. Failure to store: where Sometimes information doesn’t make it to the long-term memory which is perhaps due to this could be down to encoding failure. this is called failure to store. 4. Lastly the theory of motivated forgetting: where suggested that we try our hardest to forget information that is too painful or disturbing to want to remember. There are two types of motivated forgetting; • Suppression: which means A conscious form of forgetting • Repression: which is an unconscious form of forgetting. Biological reasons 1. The hippocampus: This plays an important part in the role of remembering information. It is part

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