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Anthony Doyle Professor Bisirri ENC 1101 30 January 2013 Summary of “Remarks to the NAACP National Convention” In her speech “Remarks to the NAACP National Convention” , Michelle Obama argues that it is the parents responsibility to guide their children in healthy activities and food choices, and become an example for the children fighting childhood obesity in America. Mrs. Obama begins by noting that for more than a century, the NAACP has fought and lobbied against unjust laws, risking “life and limb “ (419) to ensure equal rights and access for African Americans, everywhere from lunch counters to battlefields and hospitals and universities to the supreme court, Mrs. Obama says “ even the White House” (419). She continues by saying the legacy of all those who came before them isn’t an entitlement, instead it is an obligation to be fulfilled. She urged the group to take on childhood obesity with the same passion it has brought to altering the racially biased value of American society. As she pointed out that African American children are , Michelle Obama says “ significantly more likely to be obese than white children, and that about half will develop diabetes in their lifetimes”(420)”We are living today in a time where we’re decades beyond Jim Crow – When one of the greatest risk to our children’s future is their own health.” (Obama420) She compares the physical activity of the past to the present. How kids use to walk to school rain or shine, to now they either get a ride from their parents or jump on a bus. How recess in school happened twice a day and gym twice a week like it or not. To now, due to budget cuts recess and gym classes have been slashed. Kids use to go outside and play to now they are glued to the TV or the newest video game. Mrs. Obama says, “ In fact , studies have found that African American children spend an

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