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Page 63-65 Day Two Morning- Lord Darlington and Stevens In this passage we see Lord Darlington at his bookshelf with any volumes of the Britannica. Stevens explains to us that it was a habit of his Lordship to stand by the shelf as Stevens came down the stairs, sometimes to increase the effect of an accidental meeting. Stevens go on to say that the meetings would lead onto Lord Darlington conveying a message or engaging in a conversation of an embarrassing nature. This suggests that Lord Darlington is a shy man himself. When telling us about this habit of the Lord, Stevens tells us he is referring to the afternoon when the Lord brought up the topic of Stevens’ father, Stevens Sr. Due to the fall, Lord Darlington was sharing his thoughts about Stevens Sr. showing signs of ageing and signs that it was time to lighten his duties at the house. Lord Darlington asks Stevens to reconsider his father’s duties. The way the Lord starts this conversation shows that he is trying to hold on to his dignity, it also suggests to me that Lord Darlington is self-restraint too and maybe as Stevens mentions, the Lord is of a ‘shy and modest’ nature. Stevens also sees the Lord as his idol, and he is very, very loyal to him. He defends him from the various reports by saying that they are ‘Nonsense’. This perception of the Lord is even stronger as he is very polite and calm while talking to Stevens, the lord does not stamp his authority even though he’s the boss. This also says that he is a very calm and soft man. But it can also be due to the fact that the topic is about Stevens’s father and the Lord does not want to offend Stevens in any way and that Stevens Sr. is older than him, so he is showing respect to his age. Even though all this is part of ongoing themes of regret and reminisce, there is not any important significance apart from showing the nature of Lord Darlington. The

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