Reluctant Fundamentalist - Unreliable Narrator

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The Reluctant Fundamentalist In the text ‘The Reluctant Fundamentalist’ by Mohsin Hamid, the protagonist Changez is slowly revealed as an unreliable narrator through the progression of the framed narrative. Mohsin Hamid has written this piece as an extended monologue and used it create security within the reader and the details of the story, but then slowly shifts the whole situation and little by little continues the development of Changez being an unreliable narrator. Slowly but surely, as the novel progresses, the reader is shown the comparisons that the narrator Changez makes between cultures, the views that he has and racial prejudice he develops towards Americans when talking to the unnamed American tourist. It is also gradually revealed to the reader that Changez has forgotten many details of his story when recounting it, also exaggerating parts and giving his views on certain things, hence making him an unreliable narrator. It is very easy to believe everything that Changez says in the beginning, because of his likeable characteristics, but the more and more one connects with the narrator, the harder it becomes to be so gullible. At the very start of the book, the reader has virtually been given no indication that Changez is an unreliable narrator. The character Changez is first presented as a pleasing, intelligent individual, friendly person who is willing to help people out. Changez spots an American tourist looking for something and offers to help him with his mission if possible, giving the reader a sense that Changez is an outgoing and friendly person. When the reader comes to hearing Changez’ story, he puts no thought into the credibility of the narrator because Changez seems like such a genuine, intelligent individual hearing that he went to Princeton university in New York. As well as this, Mohsin Hamid has made this text a strung out monologue

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