Religous Healthcare Essay

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Religious HealthCare Chantriss Childs Avi Stein HAS 300 November 27, 2011 Describe the five (5) important elements of the governing board’s agenda for areas of improvement in core functions. Human Resources Facilitate the process of communication between management and staff. Develop, implement, and monitor recruitment, development, evaluation, and retention programs. Develop, implement, and monitor compensation and benefit program for staff. Ensure that human resource management policies and programs are planned, implemented, and evaluated in compliance with governmental entities, laws, and regulations (for example, job descriptions, education programs, union relations). Ensure the development and implementation of employee health and safety programs to provide a safe work place environment. Physical Environment Ensure that a system for maintaining and improving buildings, grounds, and equipment is planned, implemented, and evaluated. Ensure that the facility provides a clean, attractive, and home-like environment for patients, staff, and visitors. Ensure the planning, implementation, and evaluation of an environmental safety program that will maintain the health, welfare, and safety of patients, staff, and visitors. Ensure the planning, implementation, and evaluation of an emergency program that protects the safety and welfare of patients, visitors, staff, and property. Identify, monitor, and ensure that quality assurance programs are utilized to maximize effectiveness in environmental services. Ensure that facility complies with applicable federal, state, and local standards and regulations (for example, ADA, OSHA, CMS, Life Safety Code). Leadership and Management Ensure that policies and procedures are developed, implemented, monitored, and evaluated in order to maintain compliance with directives of governing entities.

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