Religious People Should Not Get Divorced

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Divorce is consiered a serious matter to most people, worldwide, regardless of race or religion. However, there are always religions and cultures which put a particularly large spotlight on divorce, and view it in great disgust. Most religions such as Islam, Christianity and Judaism have put divorce as a last resort for a married couple and even then give chances for the couple to reunite. Religious people should have the choice to be able to get divorced, if they wish so. Religion is already something that gives people rules, regulations and restrictions to live by; however, divorce is a thing which can determine who you spend the rest of your life with and is so important that everyone should have the choice to make that decision. Many religions allow divorce but even then have loop holes or certain ways of going about getting a divorce. Christianity, in general has a negative outlook on divorce, however Christian denominations vary in their tolerance of it. The Catechism of the Catholic Church strictly forbids divorce, in many cases divorcing your partner and marrying someone else is regarded as committing adultery. This opinion is often held because of the fact that you have consummated your marriage with your partner; hence you must stay with them for the rest of your life. Marriage is taken very seriously in Christianity and the line “Till death do us part”, which is said in the marriage vows, reinforces the belief that marriage should be to one person till the end. Islam is another religion which takes marriage extremely seriously and the importance of preservation of innocence is vital in a Muslim bride. Divorce is given verbally by the man to the woman (it cannot be done vice versa) and the amount of times the man says the word “Talaq” (divorce) matters. If uttered once or twice then there is a possibility and chance of reconciliation however uttered
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