Religious Beliefs of Afterlife - Short Essay

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Afterlife: One of the main religions that we studied in life after death was Christianity; their belief about afterlife is different to other religions because they believe in just two life’s. They believe in their life on earth, and the place they go when they die, heaven or hell. Christians also believe that how they act and behave in their first life will decide if they will go to heaven or hell. For instance, killing someone is classed as a sin, as well as adultery, hatred and crime. As you would imagine, this would cause people to act differently in their first life and not sin for they want to go to heaven. Heaven: Christians believe heaven to be a paradise where you are at one with god and no harm can come to you there. It is seen as a place of joy, love and happiness, a wonderful garden of freedom. But other Christians think that heaven is no more than a state of mind where your soul goes when you die. Hell: Hell is supposed to be a place where there is no god, a place of torture and torment, dark and fire. Christians say you go there if you reject god or have sinned; only bad people go there. The original sin is the sin that Adam and Eve brought into the world when they disobeyed god and ate from ‘the tree of the knowledge of good and evil’ in ‘the Garden of Eden’ that he told them not to. This resulted in sin being brought into the world and Adam and Eve being expelled from the garden. No longer would it be easy to harvest fruit. Thorns and weeds would make planting and harvesting hard labour. Men would have to work to eat. Women would give birth in pain. Animals became dangerous and carnivorous. Christianity and Hinduism Christians and Hindus beliefs are very different when it comes to life after death, and in some ways are similar. Differences: * Christians believe that we have one life and one afterlife in heaven or hell. But Hindus believe

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