Religious Beliefs and Sexual Dilemmas

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Outline the ways in which religious beliefs can be used to clarify dilemmas in sexual ethics. Many issues arise with sexual ethics when religious beliefs- particularly roman catholic- are considered. The largest and most noticeable dilemma is perhaps the contrast of modern, social beliefs and the teachings of religion, one disagreement present is the acceptance of homosexuality. Current law is being questioned over the legality of homosexual marriage whilst the Catholic bible and church strongly state otherwise. However, dilemmas in sexual ethics are not only approached through religion, for instance, in ancient Greece both Pythagoras and Stoics believed that the soul was imprisoned in the body and can only be released through the disregarding of the base pleasure, sex. According to the bible (such as the text of Leviticus 18:22) it is stated that homosexuality is wrong, and that one should ‘not lie with man as one lies with a woman’. The dilemma of homosexuality, however, is not the only problem faced within the teachings of the Catholic Church, first Corinthians 7:2 claims that ‘because of the temptation to sexual immorality, each man should have his own wife and each woman her own husband’. It is clearly noticeable that marriage is a key theme within the bible and both same sex marriages and sex outside of marriage are taken very seriously. However, current times have changed dramatically and new methods around solving dilemmas have been approached, rendering the bible perhaps useless within society when sexual ethics are taken into account. The bible not being able to satisfy the problems of sexual ethics is noticeable particularly with sex outside of marriage, due it being so freely accepted and available. For instance, pornography is a major problem due it being so easily accessible through the internet with no censor; this becomes a problem because of

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