Religious Artifacts Essay

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Religious Artifacts On May 27, 2010 was the day my mother pasted from breast cancer, it was very hard for my family to continue living life without her. Holidays just wasn’t the same, Christmas was one of our favorite holidays before we lost her. She would make the biggest dinner in the world. She would always find the prettiest, tallest, and fattest white tree. Underneath it would be a thousand gifts for everyone in our immediate family. Christmas of 2010 was the hardest, normally my family would all gather together to celebrate the occasion. However, that Christmas no one could bring themselves to want to celebrate it. The following Christmas was slightly different; we were actually able to come together as a family. My oldest sister had to step into my mother’s shoe, she made it the best Christmas she could. The year before my mother’s passing was the first time we actually took a family picture for Christmas, who would have knew it would be our last. Moreover, on Christmas 2011 my sister surprised all of us with our family picture in addition to a special gift in the memory of our mother. My mother absolutely loved gold; her special gift was a golden horizontal gift box that had golden sprinkles all over it, beautiful is an understatement. Inside the box contained a picture of my mother, her favorite small bible because she was heavily into Christianity, and a locket of some of her ashes. This box became a religious artifact within our family, on Mother’s Day, The Day of Her passing, and on Christmas we would place something special to us inside our box that we want her to have. It became a ritual for my family without our knowledge, it wasn’t apparent to me that we created our own ritual until after I began Anthropology. This class taught me a lot about religious artifacts, rituals, along with other important things that came along with the study of

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