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Religious and Ethnic Group Essay

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Religious and Ethnic Group Paper
ETH/125- Cultural Diversity
Natascha Bertrand
September 22nd, 2013

Religious and Ethnic Views of Christianity and Blacks
Christianity Views
The religious belief Christianity is considered to be the most well-known and also the largest populated religion worldwide. Over billions of people adhere to this congregation, whether they actively worship in a church or privately in their own homes. Christianity is based off of one of the most vital and important concept in their religion which is that Jesus died on the cross at Calvary (crucifixion), paying the price for our sins. He was resurrected on the third day which is why the Easter and Palm Sunday is celebrated highly in this religion. Compared to the Catholics they celebrate Lent where they fast for forty days and forty nights. Christians do not worship idle Gods, their religion is based on one God, and it is unethical for any Christian to do as such.
Christians congregate or worship in churches, led by the residing pastor or preacher. There are also minsters, deacons, and priest that serve in the churches as well. Their teachings are from the Holy Bible the Old and New Testament. Christians carry a strong belief that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, and he was sent to earth to save all human kind from their sins. To the knowledge of Christianity belief Jesus was the Messiah promised out of the Old Testament.
Christianity has a very strong belief about justification by faith. Meaning through belief in Jesus as the Son of God, his death and resurrection they are able to have a relationship with God who has already forgiven us through the dying of Jesus Christ. Their belief in the Trinity that says in God as the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit. Some non-believers in the Christianity religion would think they served multiple Gods, but that is incorrect. The action of the believers in Christianity is evidence that God is present today. Christianity believes in life after...

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